Frequently Asked Questions:

As professional SucraSeal foam installers, we  give our clients information about the products we use.  As a part of that guidance, we have included a list of “Frequently Asked Questions” for our customers to understand our foam insulation process.


What is the difference between Open-Cell and Closed-Cell spray foams?

For SucraSeal, the Open-Cell includes high yield, high Rvalue 3.7 per inch (resistance to heat flow), high renewable content and excellent fire resistance. This brand meets the requirements of best practices of foam insulation without a costly, burdensome additional ignition barrier or coating.  This foam’s thickness is 4 inches.


SucraSeal Closed-Cell is an air barrier, moisture retarder and weather barrier. With a High R Value per inch of 6.0, this Closed-Cell spray foam flows into voids and seals cracks. It can form various control layers for buildings and structures: insulation, air barrier, moisture retarder and weather barrier.

Why is SucraSeal better then other brands of spray foam insulation?

As a first USDA Bio Preferred Spray Foam, SucraSeal boasts the highest bio-based content in the spray foam industry. SucraSeal passes the best practices of foam insulation Testing without the need for fireproofing. Higher yields with excellent adherence and high R-value.

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