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Open-Cell and Closed-Cell Insulation

We offer both Open-Cell and Closed-Cell spray foam insulation. Open-Cell spray application acts as an air barrier, therefore ensuring that there is no heat loss or air leaking into the property. Closed-Cell spray foam insulation is a rigid medium density foam ideal for continuous insulation solutions. As a result of having a greater density, Closed-Cell is a perfect insulator for resisting air and water leakage.

Removal of fiberglass insulation

Foam It Bahamas provides full service fiberglass removal and spray foam insulation to homeowners and businesses in the Bahamas. Many buildings with fiberglass insulation are exposed to potential mold and mildew.  Moisture in the air or water leaks on your roof will create these dangerous pollutants. Our technicians are trained in the removal of fiberglass and we can replace it with reliable SucraSeal spray insulated foam.

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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation has become the insulation of choice for builders, architects, and homeowners because of the myriad of benefits it provides, all stemming from its ability to provide a seal against air, moisture, and thermal fluctuations, all in one application. Spray foam replaces traditional insulation like fiberglass batts and blown in cellulose, which existed as part of a vented attic system, installed in walls, and used in crawlspaces.

Injection Foam

Our foam injection installers use the most advanced techniques, products and equipment on the market today.  We carefully prepare our foam solution prior to each job ensuring product freshness and consistency. When combined with compressed air using specialized equipment, the foam insulation flows throughout the wall filling any irregular voids and hard-to-reach spaces.

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